Quality online teaching

Much of my work in 2016 has focused on quality in online education. I continue to primarily focus on online mentoring in graduate education, but continue with prior work on the measurement of online program impact and the implementation of quality online programs. Dr. Florence Martin at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte led our collaboration on quality frameworks for assessing and implementing online programs that resulted in an upcoming book chapter in A. Pina, V. Walker & B. R. Harris (Eds.) What the e-Learning Leader Needs to Know. AECT/Springer Series on Educational Communications and Technology: Issues & Innovations and a presentation at OLC Accelerate 2016, Orlando, USA.  At the AECT (Association of Educational Communications and Technology) Annual Meeting 2016, we also presented on competencies for effective online instructors with Kiran Budhrani and my colleague, Dr. Albert Ritzhaupt, and shared a panel presentation with Dr. Doris Bolliger and Dr. Ayesha Sadaf on ways to enhance interaction and engagement in online learning.